Essay Dr. Abbott 's Letter

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On August 27th 2016 at 1422 hours Deputy Akins was summoned to the North Center Office by Sgt. Bowden regarding a citizen wanting to do a battering report. Upon arrival, Deputy Akins spoke with victim Loretta Dianna Abbott. Ms. Abbott stated her husband of 36 years had elbowed her in the nose.
Deputy Akins showed Ms. Abbott into the office and asked her to explain in detail what took place. Ms. Abbott stated she and her husband are going through a divorce. She stated she got up this morning and took some of her things to the flea market to sell them. She stated when she got home her husband; Randle Blaine Abbott confronted her about being gone. Ms. Abbott stated Mr. Abbott asked to see her phone, but when she refused, he tried to take the phone from her and struck her in the nose with his elbow. Deputy Akins asked if it was an intentional strike to the nose or accidental. Ms. Abbott stated she thought intentional, but later stated she did not know, then later stated she did not think it was intentional; only that he was trying to take her cell phone. Deputy Akins asked Ms. Abbott if she need medical attention and she replied no.
Deputy Akins completed a Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office Lethality –Screen. Ms. Abbott did not automatically trigger the protocol referral and on the second part only responded yes to the 3 of the questions 4 through 13, which also did not trigger the protocol for referral. On question #14; is there anything else that worries the victim about his/her…

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