Double Indemnity Character Analysis

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Phyllis’ character traits in Double Indemnity are classified as seductive and manipulative because she takes advantage of her attractive looks to pursue self-interests and ambitions that the society perceives to be immoral. According to the film, women are presented as having two distinctive personality traits: power hungry and dangerous. At the beginning of the film, Phyllis Dietrichson is depicted as a woman who is struggling and is being controlled by her husband. According to her, He demonstrates little respect for Phyllis by valuing his daughter more than her. He also never allows her to spend money and sometimes gets so angry that he hits her. However, as the film goes on, we see who the “real” Phyllis is and what is really going on …show more content…
However, it is evident that she does not have any affection for her husband and his wealth is her only concern when she starts to question Walter Neff about life insurance. In a society whose individual’s actions are shaped by financial objectives, Phyllis intended to do whatever is needed to move herself up. Apart from planning to kill her husband, Phyllis also uses her attractiveness to lure gullible men by willingly flaunting her body to them. She believes that men’s lust can help her get what she wants in life. While Phyllis is planning a cruel action, she acts as though she has fallen in love with Walter and used her sexuality to get him on board with her plan. Walter falls into her trap and becomes involved with Phyllis without knowing her selfish …show more content…
She heartlessly manipulates men with the aim of making money and gaining power. In comparison to other female characters in the movie, her actions are completely different from what other women do. For instance, Lola is portrayed as a dignified woman whose discipline yet she lies sometimes, so she is not completely innocent but more so than Phyllis. Even though she is as pretty as Phyllis, she does not use her looks to manipulate men in the society. She acts like a normal teenaged girl and acts on this. The film, therefore, depicts her as harmless the aim is to establish a comparison between good and bad

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