Essay about Don 't Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Don’t judge a book by its cover! I like to repeat this saying in my head when I catch myself judging others too often. While reading this article, I thought of this saying again. The author of this article, John Kavanaugh, wrote how one should only leave judging up to God or in other words there comes a time and a place for judgment. There are all different types of judgments; good, bad, sound, or reasoned. It matters how one choses to judge someone or something in everyday life. Am I helping someone out or am I tearing someone down? Kavanaugh describes how one unconsciously judges others when one doesn’t realize it. Realistically, it is impossible to escape judgment and if one “refrain from such judgments is to betray our intelligences” (Kavanaugh 22). This article gives a clear standing how judgments should be played in everyday life. It describes how if no one took a judgment or stance for or against something there would be no heroes in life. Additionally, an essential part of this article is how judgments make one have a commitment. Judgment challenges one and when one is challenged that person is stepping outside their shell forcing themself to do something they are uncomfortable with. A key point I found interesting in the article is how “those who make no judgments are committed to nothing, whether in social affairs or private life” (Kavanaugh 22). I never personally viewed judging something as a commitment. As I read further into this article, I thought, when I…

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