Judicial Indecisiveness

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Taft had a long and extensive career path before he became president of the United States. He attended law school in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio after graduating high school. He easily passed certification to be a lawyer in 1880, and a few months later he was appointed as the assistant prosecutor of Hamilton County. 2 years later the president appointed him to the position of Collector of Internal Revenue in Ohio’s first district. In 1887 Taft was appointed to be a judge for Cincinnati by the Ohio governor. The Ohio governor tried to get president Harrison to appoint Taft to the Supreme Court, which was Taft’s lifetime goal, but instead the president appointed him as the Solicitor General of the United States in 1890. As Solicitor General …show more content…
Many historians agree that Taft’s judicial indecisiveness led him to be a poor administrator. Living up to the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt was a hard task. Taft was expected to continue roosevelt’s policies and then some, and though he had many progressive accomplishments like breaking up more monopolies than other president, he lacked in proposing progressive legislation and alienated progressives in his party when he proposed lowering tariffs. Taft liked to enforce legislation rather than propose new legislation which has made many people today to think of him as an inactive president. However, the legislation that he did propose and passed is viewed very favorably. He is viewed as one of the best Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, but only a mediocre president. His presidency was not a disaster, he accomplished several things, but his indecisiveness and inactivity has led him to be viewed only as an average president. Though Taft did not live up to the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt he was still able to leave a considerable mark on the office. The kind, humble, judicial figure that Taft was may have been his downfall, but his accomplishments were significant and still have a positive effect on America today. Overall, Taft was a crucial president for the continuation of progressivism, and an advocator for average Americans that left a substantial mark on the office of the

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