Essay on Don 't Judge A Book By A Cover

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Everyone has heard the saying don’t judge a book by a cover. Sadly every minute of the day someone gets judged because of assumptions that are not correct. It happen to me a long long time ago when I was at a store buying shirts at the nike factory I was like 12 years old . I was buying some shoes and well I was looking at them and touching them and they were good shoes for running and I really like so people that work there they were starring if I was gonna steal them or something . But I was still loking at them and these white lady that works there she told me sir are you gonna buy them I said yeah I’m just looking at them and the lady told me you been looking at them forever and she told me agin for the 3rd time and she gave me that look you know . So I was judged that I was gonna steal them, or something and so only because I was Mexican she thought I was gonna steal them and the lady was white and so she tought wrong so I was like followed by 2 people that work there and including her too. But however I was followed the whole time in the store and I felt bad because they thought Iwas a bad person you know they thought I was gonna steal the shoes or something .Like I said I was 12 years old I was shopping at a nike store and I was gonna buy shoes so I did eventually and the white lady that workers there and that followed me around the store she told me are you really gonna buy those shoes I told her yes I’m for the 5th time so I gonna go pay in front and by the way I…

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