Don 't Be A Stand Essay

800 Words Mar 18th, 2016 4 Pages
I like the quote "Expect to be called a stand patter, but don’t be a stand patter. Expect to be called a demagogue, but don’t be a demagogue," in the speech given by Calvin Coolidge at Massachusetts. It might have a different meaning but to me, it means not to be what people call us. This is a common problem in the world today. We live by what people call us; our every steps and breaths are determined by people. A few weeks ago in my Chem class, a friend of mine asked me a question. She said, "Temmy, am I smart, Mona says I 'm not." I thought to myself why is she asking me that question? If I say yes, she will get over herself. She will be on cloud 9. If I say no, then she will get depressed and decide that she 's is not smart. She might even say that 'what 's the point of studying? I 'm not smart so therefore, I shouldn 't study." Inadvertently, she has given me power over her life. When I was a kid, I like dancing and they call me to audition at lots of events. But people all around me said I was no good. I gave these people permission to get to me and they ruined every single audition I went to. Immediately I got onstage, I freeze and started remembering all those words they said to me. "Temmy, you are no good." "You will just humiliate yourself in front of the judges." You are not pretty and there are lots of people that are prettier than you who are also auditioning." All these words start pouring through my brain and made me freeze onstage. Looking back now I realize…

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