Dominos Pizza Case Study

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Executive Summary :
Marketing audit enlighten marketing strategies and structure of the organization and Environmental audits of organization gives information about the strength, weakness, opportunities and threat of Domino’s Pizza ,New Zealand. Presence of global fast-food brands, local restaurants and so on affecting the domino’s market. Unique strategies and quality services help domino’s pizza to capture the market from the other competitors.
Working people ,teenagers and college students are the target market and promotion of the brand as well as product is through giving deals daily on products and combo’s both offline and online .Domino’ s have collaborated with different online websites which offer discount coupons to the guest and also through other websites.
Presence of competitor’s for domino pizza ,New Zealand is a problem as well as increase in local fast food business and other global renowned food outlets are taking the market and specialty PIZZA HUT,KFC are giving tight competition to their entire business. Domino’s sustained in New Zealand because of unique taste of their products .
Domino’s has its business in almost every corner of new Zealand .while most of the competitor are concentrated on the north side of new Zealand ,like Auckland city or near the corporate offices and
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is the American Pizza which was earlier known as Dominick’s Pizza in 1960’s. James Monaghan and Tim Monaghan were the founder of Domino’s Pizza .One day, One of the employee named Jim Kennedy, suggested the name “Domino’s” and Monaghan love that idea and Instantly renamed the business ‘Domino’s Pizza, Inc.’ in 1965. The Company logo has three dot’s which represent the three stores in 1965.Monaghan were planned to add a new dot with the addition of every new Store, but Suddenly Domino’s experienced the rapid growth ,so that Idea quickly Faded and Domino’s opened their first franchisee outlet in 1967 and by 1978 ,stores expanded to 200 in

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