Domestic Violence Shelter : A Nonprofit Rhode Island Based Provider

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Domestic Violence Shelter is a nonprofit Rhode Island based provider of services like residence, education, food, treatment and support for women and children escaping from the people who abuse them. Since 2004 when Domestic Violence Shelter was opened and until now this place became like a safe haven for many women and children who was a victims of abuse. Victims of domestic violence who enter the program receive all the services and support they need for up to a year.
The Domestic violence shelter is funded by state and federal funds, as well as donations from charitable churches, organizations, and money from fundraising projects is given to the domestic Violence Shelter to sustain operations. However, these days the program is facing some financial problems because of the shortfall in funding. Since March 2013, when the federal and state governments started the financial sequestration, the justice department’s Office on violence against Women sent an email to all the non-profits and government agencies around the country that rely on its annual grants informing them of the sequestration “Due to cuts mandated by the 2011 Budget Control Act, better known as sequestration, programs that fight domestic violence and sexual assault would see a $20 million drop in funding over the next year.” This automatically caused in cutting a broad range of government funded programs, funding for domestic violence programs has reduced significantly both at the state and local level.…

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