Domestic Violence Effects On Family Essay

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Domestic Violence and its impact on Family members.

Many media outlets have tried to enlighten the public about domestic violence. They have broadcasted the message through TV shows, social media and even through celebrities. However, this is not enough, a lot of people still are unknowledgeable about domestic violence and its long term effect. According to Oxford Dictionary, domestic violence is the violent or hostile behaviour within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. Domestic violence can be seen in many shapes and forms. Domestic Violence is usually physically, emotionally or sexually abuse. Domestic violence is a broad topic, in this essay however it mainly speaks on it impact on different family
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Teenagers experience these forms of abuse and wouldn’t speak to anyone especially their parents about this. According to “Groundbreaking Research Provides Clear Evidence That Technology is Taking Teen Dating Abuse to Disturbing New Levels, Yet Abuse Remains Hidden From Parents; New National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline to Provide Urgent Support For Teens,” an article published in the PR Newsir, 82% of parents in a survey were not aware of cyber dating abuse, 67% of parents said this form of abuse was well hidden. Look at these numbers, can you believe? More than 50 % of parents are not aware that their child, the human being they are supposed to be protecting is being harmed, and outcome is still the same as it …show more content…
Each year there are approximately 1,200 deaths due to domestic violence, nearly 2 million women and 600,000 men injured. A survey was done for long term effects where health condition/risk behavior was tested with individuals in domestic relationship vs. those who weren’t. Diseases such as stroke, diabetes, heart attack, and many others were relatively higher in people who experienced a domestic relationship. Paula Nicolson, author of “Domestic Violence and Psychology : critical perspective,” stated that after leaving an emotional domestic relationship, there are some lingering of feelings that the abuse has and it seems as if the abuse has bind with fate of the abuser. When one is emotionally abused, the concept of “generational curse” of emotional abuse may become more evident when these individuals take on a parenting role. This means they simple believe they are unfit emotionally to parent a child and will somehow “corrupt” the child

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