Domestic Violence During The United States Essay

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Domestic violence destroys millions of households every year in the United States. There are various types of domestic violence, a man beating a woman, a man beating his child, a woman beating her significant other, a woman beating her child, or a child abusing his or her parents verbally or physically, the list continues. There are also instances not only on physical and verbal assault, but sexual assaults, social abuse, and economic abuse. Even though these things happen all the time, they should not happen at all, but some people are afraid or embarrassed about being abused in their home. This gets to the point where the victim is so scared about their assailant that they will not report the abuse to the police. Though original strategies have been proposed in countering domestic violence in the United States, the problem still remains. What is the leading cause of domestic violence and how it manifests in households and what more can be done to stop it.
The overall idea behind types of abusive behavior is related to domestic violence which is the goal to gain power and control over their partner through schemes of physical, sexual, or psychological abuse. Physical abuse includes the compulsion of one member of a household to feel the need to attack the others, which can result in physical harm, disability, or death. Some examples of these are punching, choking, stabbing, and kicking. All of these cause deliberate physical harm to the victim. Sexual abuse happens when…

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