Domestic Violence And The National Football League Essay

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It’s the beginning of September and the excitement of professional football is in the air. Every fan in the nation is ready to bring out their game-day gear and cheer on their favorite team, whether it is the twelfth man of Seattle or the Terrible Towel-waving Steelers. Recently however, a dark shadow has overcast all the hype of the start of the football season. This shadow is the recent outbreak of multiple cases of domestic violence involving athletes in the National Football League. As a result of this outbreak, the NFL needs to work harder to bring an end to this domestic violence to help keep the sports industry intact, to keep these athletes as positive role models to young people, and to keep these athletes’ lives and families intact. Although domestic violence is clearly on the rise, some may agree that the NFL and its personnel are doing enough or maybe too much to put down the recent outbreak. In a recent article on the Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, “USA Today” stated that Rice “did a lot for the team, does a lot for the community” and that the Ravens “should have stuck in there with him, not just drop him like that” (“USA Today”). This demonstrates the love and passion people have for the game of football and how much football means to many Americans. It also shows, even though the evidence is sometimes convicting, that people maintain a hope that these athletes are good, law-abiding citizens and still provide something for younger generations…

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