Domestic Violence And Sexual Violence Essay

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Domestic violence also known as battering or family violence, is a crime that involves a set of behaviors that involve violence and abuse by a person in a domestic setting. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, domestic violence consists of but not limited to “physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence, and emotional abuse” that violate many norms of society. Although, it is most common in heterosexual couples it is quite extensive covering the majority of the population from same sex couples, family, children, and even roommates. From a criminologists point of view that ask the question of why this criminal behavior occurs frequently, a lot has to do with the social factors instilled in society such as gender inequality and social norms concerning certain religions and countries make this criminal behavior one of the most underreported crimes.
Women tend to suffer the most with domestic violence because in some countries that have an overarching patriarchal system it is consider “acceptable” for men to punish women if they have done something wrong (ie. such as cheating). Consequently, this leads the abuser to believe the behavior is acceptable and justifiable. Also, since this criminal behavior occurs most often between people that care about each other, it goes most often unreported due to the fact the victims don’t want their love ones to suffer the severe consequences that come with the criminal act. Sadly, most often than not…

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