Domestic Violence And Gender Issues Essay

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Domestic Violence & Gender
Over the past four decades we have had more knowledge and facts about domestic violence. At the same time, substantial controversy has been generated over who is the perpetrator in the relationship and who are the victims of domestic violence. Feminist advocates and practitioners have always identified women as the targets and victims of abuse, with male partners and former partners forming the large majority of perpetrators. However, increasingly there have been counterclaims regarding gender symmetry in domestic violence (Hester, 2009).
The raging debate of domestic violence has added to the changing public opinion regarding the subject of domestic violence. Various surveys indicate that community approaches have changed from the early nineties towards an increasing view of domestic violence as being not gender specific. According to Johnson and Dawson (2011), many countries are implementing gender neutral domestic violence policies, legislation and programs. Comprehensive data on domestic violence is obviously important to this discussion on gender and domestic violence. In Australia for instance, this has been recognized in the country’s policy documents such as the National plan to reduce violence against women and their children: together with the first three-year action plan. However, collecting data in respect to this subject has been recognized as being ambitious in respect to making certain that it is illustrative, precise and…

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