Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking : Assessing And Reducing Risk Essay

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In the research article titled “Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: Assessing and Reducing Risk” the researcher mentions that domestic minor sex trafficking has been inaccurately labeled as teen prostitution in the most hidden form as abuse and exploitation. The quantitative research article discusses how to properly assess and reduce the risks of domestic minor sex trafficking. “Pre and posttest questions were established by social service workers that identified vulnerability and risk factors. The tests were composed of six questions that dealt with topics regarding past and current experiences of abuse or neglect, demographics, sex trafficking, and family and support history. Of these findings, 57% of the youth reported to be living with at least one of their biological parents, 52% felt as if they could depend on their parents, and 57% felt that they had a good support system growing up, while only 13% reported that a parent or caregiver had asked for sexual favors” (Roswurm and Bolin 2014). In a journal article titled “Focusing on Prevention: The Social and Economic Rights of Children Vulnerable to Sex Trafficking” the article discusses current strategies to address commercial sex exploitation of children as well as highlights the limitations of an intervention framework. “With continued advocacy to help reform legislation is in line with a rights based approach, ensuring that the approach is comprehensive and inclusive of prevention measures” (Duger 2015). In a…

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