Does Watching The News Make Viewers Laugh? Essay

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Does watching the news make viewers laugh? Do they understand what the news show is trying to explain? Airing Monday through Thursday at 11:30pm, The Colbert Report, a television show, is a satire news show that displays an easier to understand form of news. The Colbert Report is a parody of the news show The O’Reilly Factor which takes on current controversial political issues. The star of The Colbert Report is Stephen Colbert. He plays a character on the show who is silly and sarcastic. The Colbert Report makes its viewers act, makes them think, and entertains them. The viewers of The Colbert Report want to act once they see the show. On the show, Colbert advertises multiple charities. For instance, when a typhoon hit the Philippines, he told his viewers to donate in order to beat china, who hardly donated. Colbert has also told his viewers to donate to The Red Cross after a big incident like the tsunami that hit japan. The Colbert Report also started a super PAC which is a type of fund people can donate to. Stephan Colbert urged his viewers to donate, and so they did. The viewers donated enormous amounts of money. Colbert impacted his viewers in an immense way with the super PAC. The Colbert Report also uses social media to make its viewers act. For example, one time on his show The Colbert Report, Colbert told his viewers to use Twitter to express opinions about what the super PAC should be used for. Thousands of viewers posted their opinions about what the super PAC…

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