Does The Field Of Accounting Prefer Women Than Men? Essay examples

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For many years, women had been subject of increased gender inequality, including restricted access to employment opportunities. However, during the antebellum era, several important changes were introduced to address the rights and roles of women in the society. Consequently, though earning a much lower pay at the time, women started getting access to job opportunities. The job landscape has continued to evolve over time and present more women are enjoying almost similar employment opportunities as their male counterparts. However, there has been a paradigm shift in women’s employment rights, I believe that the field of accounting still does not prefer women than men.
Accounting is a field of profession that is associated with the practice and the body of knowledge that entails: the methods for recording transactions, keeping financial records, reporting and analyzing financial information, just to mention but a few. Previously, women were more clustered in lower-paying industries (Fisher, 2015). There existed a lot of gender disparity with men taking over most of the jobs. The accounting jobs were a little more demanding, especially for those women who would want to have kids. Nowadays, the numbers of women in the accounting field have increased. Gradually, the work environment has been made more home-friendly (Fouche, 2013). The hard work displayed by an individual is the guarantee of the elite jobs. This paper will…

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