Does Racism Still Occur Today And Why People Can 't A Change?

1800 Words Jan 7th, 2015 8 Pages
This wonderful research that is going to be talked about is why does racism still occur today and why people can’t a change. Americans can tell you everything that is going wrong but don’t have enough people that want to construct change because they are afraid of what others would think of them. Racism is one of the ways that this society is broken up right now. If people don’t do what change, then why complain about it. Huck and Jim are the type that you would think nothing could change between them. While some may think being racist isn 't wrong and that President Obama is making this worst, whereas others feels that racism is controlling everything in this world today because the Justice System fairness is horrible, President Obama wants to help make a difference and, it’s a major setback for everyone.
First, I feel that racism is controlling everything in this world today since The Justice System 's fairness is horrible to the point where there isn 't any type of hope and trust that will ever be gained back into it."It 's undeniable there 's been remarkable progress for African-Americans in this country. They 've been elected senators and governors and running major corporations," he said. "But obviously we still have a long way to go."The criminal justice system should be trusted -- whether its outcomes are popular or not, McConnell said. (Bradner). I feel that the justice system is not what it used to be. Nowadays people are afraid to go to their government to…

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