Does Judge Thorpe Doesn 't? Essay

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To some extent, Judge Thorpe is undoubtedly in effect saying that we should infringe on Sultaana Freeman’s religious beliefs because Mrs. Freeman is not going to break all of her religious beliefs, just the one of her exposing her face for religious reasons. Yes, Judge Thorpe is looking out for the community. She stated, “The state has always had a compelling interest in promoting public safety”. Of course she would want to prevent any dreadful events to happen to the community. Judge Thorpe also makes remarks of Mrs. Freeman by saying, “[She] most likely poses no threat to national security”. But who wouldn’t take the chance to decide if one person can be good from the other one being bad? Looks are deceiving. Then just as a reminder, this was just a few months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks; also, when security concerns were at their highest anger and fear directed at the radical elements within the Muslim community. Mrs. Freeman is a thirty-five year old woman who has two children in need of a driver license. For any particular reasons, for example, she can take her children to and from school or to do other errands, she would need a vehicle. At the present time, everyone needs some type of transportation to go from one place to another. A person might say that there are multiple of other options, like public transportation. But hey, if she has the money to buy her own car, then why not let her? It’s like if the driver license would have been free, which was not. People…

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