Sheryl Sandberg Gender And Leadership Case Study

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1. Does gender play a role in leadership? Why or why not?

I do believe that gender plays a huge role in leadership. According to the Sheryl Sandberg video women make up less than 20 percent of the upper tier in cooperate America. Even though women in the work place have gained significant recognition the perceived notion is that they are better suited to raise a family and take care of the home. Another great point that the video hits on is that it is not that women are not capable to lead, but that women don’t stand up for what they believe in. There is a stigma that men think they are best and that it is because of them that succeed in life. Women on the other hand rely on others or surrounding situations to get them higher up the corporate
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Do you agree with the information presented about how gender impacts leadership? Why or why not?

I do agree on how gender impacts leadership. Dealing with my personal experiences, I look at my current work place and see that there only two women in upper management level. The other women that have been working there for several years haven’t moved into any manager roles. Whether it’s because they personal don’t want to or if it’s because they don’t feel like the extra work would be noticed.

3. In your industry, does gender play a larger or smaller role than
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The article , “Women Lawyers Climb Top Rungs of Corporate America” indicates that like other industries women are not progressing, but unlike other industries the top lawyers are made up of more that 20 percent of women. Many industries are still considered and perceived as male dominated but the law field is one that is changing. Women are enrolled in half of law school classes and work alongside men in equal numbers, but leave firms twice as likely due to balancing life related issues. The other thing is that the majority of women law firm associates find their firms’ culture and job satisfaction much lower on the scale than their male counterparts. This relates back to why women tend not to go for leadership positions, they simple feel like they have to put family above career. The hours, the stress, and constant competitiveness all add up and in the law field women can’t compete. But there is still hope, four of the seventeen largest corporations have women in the top legal

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