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10 The Spirit of Baroque Study Guide

1. What statement best describes the function of the Taj Mahal, in Agra, India?
a. a mosque dedicated to the Mughal faithful
b. a tomb for the wife of an emperor and himself
c. a shrine marking the site of an incident in the life of Muhammad
d. a temple where worshippers honor the Great Buddha Page ref: 259
2. Of the baroque qualities below, which is most clearly illustrated in Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Teresa, centerpiece of the Cornaro Chapel?
a. fascination with modern science and mathematics
b. interest in religious emotion and human psychology
c. neoclassical preference for order and balance
d. dynamism created by conflicting lines Page ref: 260
3. Which of these baroque
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the self-portrait in oil Page ref: 275
15. Which statement best describes the works of Molière?
a. developed under the patronage of Louis XIV
b. attracted a diverse audience to public theaters
c. essential in the popularization of modern science
d. showed the clear influence of Shakespeare Page ref: 275

16. A portrait of Marie de' Medici would appear frequently in the works of which artist, famed for his skill as a diplomat and painter of the baroque nobility?
a. Diego Velazquez
b. Peter Paul Rubens
c. Johannes Vermeer
d. Rembrandt Page ref: 277
17. Of the baroque qualities listed below, which is most clearly illustrated in Rubens' Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus?
a. love of elaboration and ornamentation
b. elongated shapes and bizarre colors
c. neoclassical order, harmony, and simplicity
d. dynamic motion created by movement and ascending lines Page ref: 277
18. What best describes the cantatas of J. S. Bach?
a. were usually performed in the courts of German nobles
b. adopted the musical form of concerto grosso
c. served as an important part of Lutheran church worship
d. marked the origin of baroque opera in Germany Page ref: 279
19. Which of these artists appealed most directly to a middle-class, urban public with a large part of his work?
a. Diego Velazquez
b. Peter Paul Rubens
c. Claudio Monteverdi
d. J. S. Bach Page ref: 279-280
20. Which statement best applies to Bach's

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