Doctor Visit : Seniors Will Share And Others Struggle With Emotional Problems

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Doctor Visit
Some seniors will share and others struggle with emotional problems of long-ago. –Author
A s a caregiver, one of the first health-related things to do is decide what problems your loved one is facing. Even if you are involved on a daily basis, there could be health issues that have gone undetected or hidden from you. Different people notice different things. So it will be important to talk with other relatives, friends, and the loved one about their sense of what help is needed.
If your’ loved one has not been to see a doctor recently, making a doctor’s appointment (a downloadable document by the National Institute on Aging) might be the best course of action. Under the Affordable Care Act, seniors are entitled to a free health exam in their first year in Medicare, and annual wellness exams every 12 months thereafter. Seniors also need an annual eye exam and biannual dental checkup.
Once you know what help is needed, you can work with medical professionals and others to set up a care plan that enables independence as long as possible, while meeting social, spiritual, physical, and mental health needs. Then you can locate community resources and services available to meet those needs (e.g., religious, civic, educational, visiting nurses, physical and mental therapy services, home health aides, housing, transportation, in-home meals, and case management). Having this knowledge will make you a very informed caregiver.
Health screenings and…

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