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Workshop 1

For example: In the hotel industry employees will provide hassle-free, hospitality, personalized service to every customer.

Overall attitude: Friendly/ Patience/Motivation/ be helpful/ Take the extra step

Body language: Positive/Gentle

Employees will bend their knees and try to be the same level with children, when they interacted with young kids. It will show our attention to them.


Employees will listen to customers carefully and try to find out what is the problem. Employees try to think from a customer’s point of view and try to show our attention. So that it will make the appropriate response. If it could not help to solve the problem, we need to explain that we will check it and come back to
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I am sure that he will feel so special to be the only customer shopping in the store.

For discussion : if we need to add shopping time, ie explain to the customer, he get a special treatment for shopping after close time, but the time length only 15mins or 30 mins

Workshop 4


They lost my reservation.

What we should do

We will make apologize at first step and listen carefully what customer’s complaint. We should try to show our attention on this tough situation and give immediate feedback. If there is hotel room available, we should find room and let customers stay in straight way. If there is not hotel room available, We can offer some coffee & tea in the restaurant to calm down the customer. And then we should find the same level and the nearest hotel for the customers. We certainly should pay for the transit.

What we not to do

Told the customer, it not our responsibility, he should bear the situation by himself.

There are no room available,, he need to found hotel by himself.

There are room available, but he need to pay the full rate, could not use the discount rate for reservation


What we should do

My young daughter was to be assisted by the flight attendant. It was long journey flight from China to London. My daughter was bored with staying on the flight and trying to go around. But it is the policy not to allow the children playing in the aircraft. Plus it will disturb other people. So the

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