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Sukanda Uthairat (01608844)
Kodak Case Study
1. What was the basis for Kodak’s success in analog or film photography, and why was it able to maintain its leadership position for so long?
In 1884, Kodak roll of film was launched. This was the future innovative product in film business in that era. The first Kodak camera was introduced in 1888. The company distinguished itself and advertised products with the slogan “You press the button, we do the rest.” Kodak focused on customer needs by developing convenient-to-use products. For mass production strategy, the company sold its products by using a razor-blade strategy: low-price camera, but high-profit of film repurchase and having the strong relationship with retailers for selling
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There are digital camera and video camera capturing image. After that, those images will be digitalized through digital camera’s software and stored in hard disks, CDs, or online. For the digital era, customers can do themselves to print photos with printers, kiosks and digital mini-labs, or present them with electronic equipment such as computer screen, TVs and projector.
3. How effective was Kodak’s initial response to the advent of digital imaging with Sony’s introduction of the Mavica in 1981?
After Sony introduced the digital camera in 1981, Kodak considered exploring to digital technologies. This changing from film camera to digital camera leaded to the extensive research. By product, Kodak actively introduced a variety of electronic image-related equipment into the market. By responding to the new era of electronic imaging technology, Kodak could still grow and maintain its profit from imaging business. The important point was that Kodak had to continuously develop product what customers need. Otherwise, the company would loss the market share and profits.
4. What do you think of Kodak’s attempts to evolve the business during the George Fisher era, and do you think that they were a success or failure, and why?
Gorge Fisher focused on the core business of digital and applied imaging and explored to the digital imaging technology. He initiated the horizontal company strategy and found the opportunity of network and consumables strategy. By 1999,

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