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APPEARANCE and Politica Success

It is common for people to mistake appearance for looks. Looks are what you were born with; appearance is how you manage and present those looks; however ordinary or extraordinary they may be. From that perspective, it really does not matter what you look like in terms of constructing and presenting a winning appearance. According to an article by Business Insider, success also relies on how one is perceived. Studies show that looks can play an important factor in career advancement. Researchers have found that physical traits like facial structure, hair color, and weight can all affect a person’s pay check. Men who are at least 6′ tall make an average salary of $5,525 more than
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According to The Times, “facial hair has long been considered a potential blight on career advancement.” They report the results of a survey: “60% of businessmen without beards or moustaches feel that these features are a bad sign. Some feel that the person can’t be bothered to shave and others that they are hiding something.”63% of men also report that hair loss or balding has negatively affected their careers. According to Harvard Business School’s study, “Power Posing: Brief

Nonverbal Displays Affect Neuroendocrine Levels and Risk Tolerance,” sitting in a position that oozes confidence (i.e. legs up on your desk, chest puffed out, or leaning forward) will make people deem you powerful. It raises testosterone levels by roughly 20% and lowers the stress hormone cortisol by the same. People do not need a 30 minute interview to figure out that your appearance portrays success in politics. All they needed was 5 to 7 seconds according to Lesley Everett, author of the book Walking Tall: Key Steps to Total Image Impact. He writes: In those first 15 seconds we have got key clues into how somebody operates, into their approach, their attitude, and their personality. So when we get to 30 seconds, we are given more than enough time to make that

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