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Eating Sugar

The short story written by Catherine Merriman named ”Eating Sugar, was originally published in ”Getting a life”, Honno, in 2001. A third person narrator tells the short story and furthermore the narrator is omniscient. It seems to me that the time is not important in this short story. On the contrary the environment, the surroundings, are described into details. In this analysis I have chosen to focus on the description of the surroundings, a short analysis of Eileen and Alex and their relation, an analysis of the title “Eating Sugar” in comparison with the contents of the short story. Furthermore I have chosen to take the extract of the essay “A Small Place” and the picture “Tourists 2” into perspective. Finally I
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That may be the whole point to the story.
Eileen tries to communicate with the native while Alex just shuts off being the typical tourist that he is.
The short story is filled with sensuous descriptions; “Plus the dark press of the rainforest around them” (page 1, line 5). It gives us, the readers, a perfect sense of what they are going through, the unknown surroundings and the despair they must feel being alone in the middle of the jungle, not knowing how to get home to their “safe-zone”.
The short story does indeed play on stereotypes. The Thai, who arrive along the story, have this prejudiced conception of what these white high-status freaks are. They think that they are movie stars. And when Alex spots the Thai he is suddenly afraid, he seems to think that the Thai are primitive and perhaps even dangerous. The stereotypes are mutual. The title “Eating Sugar” does in some way refer to that exact problem. For
Eileen, when she had eaten the tablet of LCD, she stumbled out into the kitchen to eat some sugar so that she would be able to see the world as it is. Sugar was meant to bring you out. While being in the jungle they have to open up and try to communicate with the natives. Alex’s solution is to just wander off into the jungle. But that could most easily get them killed. Eileen on the other hand re-experiences her LCD-trip. As back then she started off being afraid but after drinking some of the beer given by the

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