Do You Recycle?

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Do you recycle? What if I told you are landfills are overflowing and if we don’t start doing something about the waste we will have it everywhere. How many people read a magazine on a daily basis? How many people pitch it in the trashcan when they are done? How many people drink a water or pop and throughout the day? How many of those people pitch it in the trash can when they are done? We are all guilty of not recycling and when we don’t recycle we are gradually killing the earth.
Today we are faced with are landfills overflowing. This is the result of not recycling. If we would all just take the time and sort are recyclables from the trash we would be doing our planet a favor. Since our landfills are overflowing this is causing are landfills
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When you think about recycling you might think you’re only helping the landfills, but you are also helping the environment. Just think about all the cute little animals running around in the woods or swimming in the sea. Do you think they want trash in their homes? No. We will slowly kill them off if we are not careful and not start recycling. The reason it will slowly kill the animals is because they will eat the trash or even worse maybe they will get stuck in it and not being able to get free. A couple examples are with sea turtles they eat jellyfish, well a grocery bag looks like a jellyfish when it 's in the water. The sea turtle does not know the difference and it just eats it because it looks like a jelly. This ends up hurting them because they can not digest it. This happens for a lot of other animals also. They don’t always know the difference between a worm and a straw. This is why we need to start recycling and keep the landfills from overflowing because if we do this according to Less is you are saving on the cost of many things like from just “one ton of recycled newsprint it saves 601 Kwh of energy, 1.7 barrels of oil (71 gallons), 60 pounds of air pollutants from being released, 7,000 gallons of water.” What this ends up leading to is “4.6 cubic Yards of landfill space”(). Wouldn’t you rather be saving on this then paying more on your electric bill or even more for …show more content…
Which is actually pretty simple because all the basket on many campuses says what can and can not be recycled. All over campuses, you see water bottles, pop cans, and milk jugs in the trash cans all the time, these products can be recycled. They give college students recycling baskets for a reason. They should be using them to recycle, not as just another trash can. It just takes an instant to put that object that can be recycled into the right basket instead of in the trash. Sometimes we are not thinking when we put that item in the trash can, but if we would just stop and think for a second, (can it be recycled?) we could save our landfills and the animals environment. You might not think that bottle or piece of paper is going to help, but according to Do, “a glass container can go from a recycling bin to a store shelf in as few as 30 days.” Doesn’t that sound better than it going into our landfills and hurting our environment? We all need to remember three things Resue, Reduce and,

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