Do Smartphones Cause People For Act Differently When They Experience Face Me Interaction?

1202 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
Do smartphones cause people to act differently when they experience face to face me interaction? Are they helpful to our society, or detrimental? The smartphone is innovating our technology and changing our lives forever. For example, learning is much more accessible because of this handheld technology. The Internet of Things, the idea of connecting household appliances with the internet and cellphones, is founded on the idea of carrying a connected device constantly; furthermore, connectivity is key in creating a global community. I believe the smartphone revolution has positively influenced our culture in many ways, chiefly in convenience, education, and connection. Although some people argue that smart phones take away personal interactions, the Smart Era has reshaped humanity, and in many ways, for the better. Smart phones are a controversial technology in the field of education. To quote Gikas and Michael, “Mobile computing devices can be used as the bridge between formal and informal learning opportunities (Web).” The gap between infinite knowledge and the human race is shrinking; the opportunity to learn any piece of knowledge from any outlet is growing. Textbooks, tutorials, instructions, random facts, and more are easily accessed online; the only excuse for not learning is an individual’s own lack of initiative. This innovation has sparked many people to seek out knowledge for themselves. It is very beneficial to our growth as a society. Furthermore, these…

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