Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Essay Questions

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Justin Ramos
Mr. Banks
Science Fiction Period 1
16 December, 2017 In the novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick, there are many questions that the author makes readers question. For example, what makes a living being human?, how are androids and humans different?, and is his view of human nature essentially positive, negative, or both? These questions make the reader more engaged in the novel and really gives Philip’s thoughts on these questions as well.
The first question that the novel asks readers is, what makes a living person human? There can be many answers to a question like this, but the main trait that humans have that androids should not have is empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and share feelings
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Humans are able to feel empathy towards other things and humans like Rick feeling empathy towards the android Luba Luft and androids really are not supposed to have this type of feeling to anyone. Because humans are able to feel empathy, they are also able for the loss of it. This is the case with Phil Resch who has no problem killing androids. Throughout this novel, humans and androids are contrasted, but the main differences between the both of them is we do not have to make ourselves feel a certain way. The androids have to dial numbers when they do not feel like doing something like watching television or another task. Humans can either choose not to do it or to do it. Humans also have the ability to feel certain ways in situations. If something sad happens then we will feel sad, or if a happy event happens then we will put a smile on our faces. We do not have to force ourselves to feel a certain way when we do not want to feel it. Another main difference between androids and humans is with animals. Rick wants to own a real animal and not an electric one. Owning an animal is a human necessity and Rick knows that electric animals should belong to androids and real animals should belong to humans. Finally, Philip K. Dick’s view of human nature is inherently both positive and negative. He shows that it can be a negative instance when people like Rick have an attraction to something he should not which are androids because his job is to retire them. A positive human nature circumstance is with religion. We believe that our God will never leave our side and will guide us through whatever troubles we are going through and what we are yet to face. This novel is a great read and really makes the reader think about why Philip K. Dick added certain parts into the story and how he views certain aspects like

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