Divorce 's Positive And Negative Effects On America Essay

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Divorce’s Positive and Negative Effects in America
Have you looked around and noticed that a significant amount of married couples are ending up getting a divorce. The divorce rate of first time married couples in America is, “41%-50%.” Most of you that read this paper may have first-hand experienced with divorce could be family members, parents, yourself, and have seen the major affects this can cause. I personally experienced a divorce among my parents. There’re are many causes for divorce some can be fixed and some are just forsaken from the start. Now days people rush into marriage without realizing the commitment it takes. Some of the larger issues in marriages that damage it are, changing in woman’s roles, young marriages, and lack of communication. The First significant cause of divorce now days is that women are becoming more independent. Where women no longer have to rely on their husbands to provide for them. In the past when divorce rates were far lower men are the ones who supplied all the income for the household. Women were expected to stay home, cook clean, and take care of the children. Into days’ society women are no longer trapped if they want to break away from their partner they will be able to support themselves. Now since women and men are considered equals the responsibilities previously bestowed on women are now shared such as, cleaning, cooking, caring for children, and money. A major factor in this change of roles in some cases, women have better…

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