Essay on Divorce And Its Effect On Children

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From infamous Disney princess to love at first sight, love is always is in the air. Then comes a time where the two lovebirds fall apart and file for a Divorce. Divorce is decimating our way for loving one another. Divorce should not be allowed because of the effects it has on children, the environment and the community. According to The National Vital Statistics System the Divorce rate in 2014 is 3.2 per 1,000 populations (45 reporting States and D.C.).
This topic is exceptionally important because I, like (refer to stat), am a child of a divorce parents. Divorce has everlasting effects on everyone, including the child of the divorce parents. No matter what the age, Divorce leaves a mark on the child that will never go away. It could also dramatically prevent the child from even blossoming into the best person she/he could eventually barricading their true potential. Some say it is more of an empty void that cannot be filled. Till this day, I am still a bit traumatized from the divorce. Like whenever I would see a happy family or like even a mother holds her child, I would just get really emotional. Even though the divorce happened years ago, Divorce continues to scar me even till this day. Over Thinking that I am the reason why my parents decided to get a divorce. I believe that Divorce rates are extremely high and we need to change the system. The system of divorcing two couples isn’t enough. The problem isn’t only the system; the big problem is the cost. Yes, the cost…

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