Divorce : A Negative Psychological Impact On Children Essay

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I was four when it happened, my parents were getting a divorce. My family was ending and new one beginning. It sounds like it might not be a bad thing, but it can leave a child very confused. It makes a child wonder what went wrong and if they could of done anything to change it. In America there are about 1,250,000 divorces in each year. (Matthews) We also know that every year over one million children under the age of eighteen are involved in a divorce. That means that roughly twenty-five percent of all children spend time in a step-family. (Matthews) Statistically, it has been shown that divorce can have a negative psychological impact on children, as evidenced by long-term effects, short-term effect, and the solutions. To understand the concept of divorce you must first go back and look at the history of legal separation document. The dissolution of marriage agreement is as old as marriage. In fact the only society to outlaw divorce was the Roman Catholic Church. (Gianoulis)Their reasoning was strictly that it was a sacrament of the church. The only way the church would grant a divorce was if one of the spouses was a relative or a “judicial separation.” Which meant that the wife and husband could live apart and not remarry. Then the protestant reformation changed perspectives on the whole concept. They believed that marriage was a contract, changeable if no longer met the needs of the contracted parties. Protestants included that marriage was also for companionship,…

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