Diversity And The Impact Of Diversity On Child Sex Trafficking

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Examine Areas of Diversity and the Impact of Diversity on Child Sex Trafficking Victims: Since sex trafficking literally happens all over the world, there is much diversity to consider when working with child sex trafficking victims. A child sex trafficking victim could be anywhere from 4 to 17 years of age, with the average age of entry being 12-14 year of age. The child could be a boy or a girl and could be any race, culture, sexual orientation and religion. Sex trafficked victims can be homosexual, transgendered or heterosexual, we cannot assume that we know their sexual orientation based on the brothel that they were held in. Many sex trafficked victims find themselves in America and do not know the language because they were born in a different country. If the child or youth does not have the same first language as their advocate, it is important that they are given a translator. It is also vital that advocates have cultural humility when working with sex trafficking victims. We must allow ourselves to be the learner and give the victim the opportunity to share their story and educate us on their particular culture. Once we have learned from our client about their unique cultural background, we are more effective in gaining their trust. However, trust will be hard to gain from someone as betrayed as a victim of sex trafficking. A helpful advocate who displays humility, consistency and love are vital when trying to create a…

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