Essay on Diverse Views Of Multicultural Education

1120 Words Nov 20th, 2016 5 Pages
There can be many different views of multicultural education. By setting goals and having visions of what kind of multicultural education we want helps us determine what kinds of educators we will be. Since we are all different people who view this differenty and focus on different issues we will all be different types of educators with different visions. My vision of multicultural education includes having a safe and successful environment with culture awareness, diversity and inclusion throughout the classroom that makes students think critically about a situation and helps give them other perspectives. This gives Students an open environment away from discrimination and makes it so students can focus on doing their best. Unlike in the Article by Au, he states that in every institution they are resistant to multicultural education no matter how hard he tried to prove its worth (Au, 2008/2009 p.3). My vision is to make sure that every student gets the multicultural education that they deserve and to make institutions see its purpose. Educators should address diversity by learning it, showing it, and teaching it. Educators should learn about all aspects of diversity. Since they will be educating all sorts of students from all backgrounds they need to know what it means to be diverse. Educators should also show that they are diverse by incorporating the students’ backgrounds in the classroom. Then they can teach it by having the educator talk about different holidays or…

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