Distribution Of Supply Chain Management Essay

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In today 's world supply chain is at the centre of the business, for many decades’ companies have outsourced and organised many jobs to suppliers and intermediaries creating expansion and, recreated designs and through innovative processes, such sourcing has resulted in global supply chain management. It is a connected series of activities which is concerned with planning, organising, coordinating and controlling of materials, parts, and finished goods from supplier to customer. It is concerned with two distinct flows/ function i.e. material flow and information flow through the organization (Stevens 1989). At every point of chain information and material is passed in order to improving the efficiency at every level.

According to Snyder and Max Shen the term supply chain management was difficult to define and has changed over and over every period of time as the purposes and components of supply chain has evolved, this is because decades before the concept of supply chain was not clearly defined in the business era and was of less importance to all but as time went by business pioneers gained efficiency by understanding the supply chain concept which hence enabled to deliver value and good quality goods and services for their customers and other stakeholders.

SCM consist of planning and management of all the activities involved in sourcing and purchasing, including conversion of materials and all logistics management activities. It also includes coordination,…

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