The Princess In Disney's Brave

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“ Good evening your highness, can you hold my broom?” “Fold the washing, scrub the floors do the dishes”. A slave in her own home Cinderella is forced to live the life of a maid. In the 21st century it is expected of a woman to go to school and get an education. They are expected to go to university to get a degree then to get a job so that her and her husband can equally support their family. With Disney how ever, this is not the case. Women are shamed for being intelligent or speaking up. This is where Disney has gone very wrong. Over the years society has been rapidly evolving but Disney has still chosen to perceive women as weak and unintelligent still playing a submissive role in society. Would Disney ever let a woman have a vote in …show more content…
Well that is simply because little girls don 't want to watch a girl who isn 't skinny, beautiful, and doesn 't get swept off her feet by her prince charming, and this is why Disney’s film Brave made a lot less money than all the other films in the Disney franchise. The princess in Brave still has her actions moulded by males around her but she has a huge head of red hair and she likes to play with swords. She has no interest in getting married and little girls hate that because she is different. How ever the princess is still a damsel in distress as she has to be saved multiple times throughout the film, keeping the stereotypical message going throughout Disney’s view on society. It is about time Disney started to change its stereotypical view on society and start portraying it in a light that isn 't about the Princess being gorgeous or needing to be rescued. Why not have a Disney Princess who goes on to become Prime Minister or a President in their kingdom where women have equal rights to men. In today 's society women are seen as empowering and strong the have a voice, and the lesbian community is ever present with its beautiful loud voice proud to be who they are because our society is overwhelmingly acceptant of that. In 1893 New Zealand became the first country in the world where women were legally allowed to vote in political

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