Disney Princess Movies Analysis

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Disney princess movies emphasizes a lot on beauty. For these Disney princess characters, beauty is the key towards happiness. With their good looks and only that, they are able to find future husbands. Disney portrays female characters as being only useful for their good looks and nothing else. They demonstrate it as princesses aren't able to live their life without men. That men are there to marry a pretty looking woman. We examined three different Disney princess movies and took notes of the appearance, interactions and behaviors of the princesses. Disney movies displays a woman as being helpless and incapable of living their life without a man. They make themselves look beautiful for men so they can have more chances of being chosen in marriage. …show more content…
In Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty the biggest element is beauty. Beauty is seen as a competitive aspect between women. In all three Disney princess movies, the villains are all women. Women who are jealous of the princesses’ beauty and will do anything in their power to get rid of her, in order to make themselves feel more beautiful. In those movies they give no importance to the villains. There whole life revolves around the princess, because the princess’s beauty is where all their energy goes towards. They’re idolizing beauty and putting it before everything else. In those movies, the women should be willing to do everything to stay the most beautiful. The general portrayal of the princess by most of the cinematographers, is an idealistic and perverse representation of women's beauty. The princess is made thin, youthful and peppy, which is nothing but a mere caricature of human reality. These girls have no ambition to change their situation themselves for example Cinderella is a poor young woman living with her stepmom and her stepsisters instead of changing the situation herself she gets a makeover to look pretty for the prince, so he can then marry her for her good looks. In all three movies the emphasis is only on beauty, the viewers don’t know if they have an education or other hobbies, all they know that the point of the movie is to get beautiful for a man so they can like her for her

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