Essay Discussion On Sexual Assault On College Campuses

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The first time I stood in front of a crowd of 2,000 undergraduates, I could feel my heart prepare to leap out of chest. I had talked in front of crowds of 100 or smaller in the past, but the pressure was different. The associate dean of students was not in the wings listening and my face had never been a front for such a serious topic. On August 25th, 2015 I was one of the primary facilitators for the sexual violence education presentation named “Bear Pact” for the class of 2019. I had the necessary education to speak on the topic with passion and devotion, having spent the past two and a half years as a member of the University Health Services Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP). I had even personally helped edit the forty-minute presentation to create a sex positive comprehensive discussion on sexual assault on college campuses. But, those years of practice as a public speaker and my confidence in own education were little in the face of several thousand unenthusiastic freshmen. Although my hands were sweating, and I’m convince I looked ready to burst into tears of terror at any moment, from the moment I stepped onto the stage I found my comfort zone and engaged the crowd. I was a first year at Cal when I initially began my journey with SHEP and harm reduction and I had no idea the fire it would ignite when I sat down on a brief presentation on sexual pleasure hosted by the Greek community. But the ease of the two presenters with such a typically private topic…

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