Essay on Discussion On Childhood Autism And Autism

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Discussion on childhood Autism Every family could be affected by Autism. What is Autism? How many types of Autism may be found in the spectrum? How many families are affected? What are the symptoms? And probably most important, how do people get Autism? And is there a cure? This paper will introduce you to Autism, and more importantly explain to you that shots don’t cause Autism, as many would like you to believe. Autism is a brain disorder that makes it hard for people to communicate and relate to others. When a person has autism the different areas of the brain fail to work together. (Stillman 65); according to an article from Autism Speaks (1) “Autism is a term used to describe a group of complex developmental brain disorders know as Pervasive developmental Disorders (PDD). The other pervasive developmental disorders are PDD-NOS, Asperger Syndrome, Retts Syndrome, and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Many Professionals and parents refer to this as group as Autism Spectrum Disorder.” These are all conditions that affect the way some people’s brains work.
Autism victims may not act or behave like everyone else all the time. They are not dumb or wrong and being different is ok. People with autism find it hard making friends, learning how to act around others, and finding it hard to speak sometimes. People with autism may not even be able to talk to all. Some people with autism have trouble with the way their brain…

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