Discuss the Effect That International Tourism Has on Developing Countries and Suggest What Measures Can Be Taken to Ensure Sustainable Tourism.

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Discuss the effect that international tourism has on developing countries and suggest what measures can be taken to ensure sustainable tourism.

Tourism is one of the most profitable and growing sectors for the economy of many developing countries. Governments are aware both of this and the opportunities that lie within the industry, and wish to, with the combined effort of public and private sectors, focus on providing goods and services to international tourists for economic benefits to the country. Tourism creates jobs and eventually leads to a better standard of living for the country’s inhabitants. However, too much focus on economic gain can risk neglect in other areas and negate any progress. This essay outlines the effect of
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The infrastructure and facilities for tourist destinations usually require large plots of land, such as airport facilities, connection facilities, runways and accommodations. These forms of development and corruption of natural resources continue to harm the environment and therefore lead to irreversible damage.

There are many social and political problems with regard to how tourist operations are run in developing countries. Many of them ignore the interests of the local community and do not allow them to have a say in the decisions of any local operations, with economic gain seen as the dominating factor. Moreover, there is also no consideration of the locals’ tolerance, or lack of, towards the number or actions of tourists before becoming overwhelmed, which is termed as social crowding (Saveriades, 2000).
Governments need to play a role and use their influence in helping to raise awareness of the benefits that people get from participating in activities, such as environmental awareness. It is not only down to the responsibility of the government, but both private and public stakeholders should raise awareness of how the environment can be sustained and conserved. By doing this, ideas of how to minimise negative effects should be stated as well as ways to promote positive contribution to conservation and the wellbeing of the community. These can be undertaken in ways such as waste disposal and sewage

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