Discriminatory Practice In Health And Social Care Essay

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Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care

Malaika Stafrace

P2: List and describe FOUR different discriminatory practices by the staff that might take place in this residential care home.
There are many ways how a person can be discriminated the four that I am going to speak about are overt and covert abuse, bullying, abuse and prejudice.
Overt and Covert abuse:
Overt discrimination is a discrimination which is clear, it is obvious that they doesn’t want to hire or provide service to the person most commonly it is based on race, gender, age and even religion. An example an elderly which has a dark skin is being discriminated by the careworker because she doesn’t want to wash him. At the other hand covert
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Marginalization is a process of a person or sometimes even whole communities that can be denied access to various rights, resources and opportunities that normally are given to other people. Someone who is being marginalized, is being excluded from participating and belonging. Social exclusion often is based on an individual education status, social class, living standards, race, homelessness and even child hood relationships. This discrimination can occur with anyone such as people with disability, drug users, young people, adults, elderly. For example in this home we have two particular individuals who uses a wheelchair, once in a month a bingo is organized unfortunately the door to this hall is to thin and a wheelchair cannot pass, so these people cannot go. The careworkers knows that they can organized it in other rooms where a wheelchair can pass but they won’t because there is more light in this room.
Disempowerment is when a person or even sometimes a whole group is being discriminated against by other persons so this will lead for a person to feel disempowered. Some people that will be discriminated will have the courage to fight back and many times they will success at the other hand there will be individuals who will not fight against discrimination. So in a few words disempowerment is to make someone feel lower than you, everyone can be

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