Discrimination Is A Part Of Human Nature Essay

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The prejudice treatment of others based on grounds such as race, age, or sex, is called discrimination. There are many different types of discrimination seen in today’s society. Whether discrimination is a part of human nature is something for a larger debate, however we have seen in it in many aspects of our time. The most common, but not the only types of discrimination are race, religion, sex. (Discrimination by Type) Uncommon uses of discrimination include age, and disability. My theory is that discrimination has been engraved in human nature and for it to end, people of all beliefs, race, size, age, and gender must come together. (Discrimination-Find Law)
Race is one of the oldest and well know practices of discrimination. When the Europeans first came to America, they separated from the Native Americans who settled the land before they arrived. Europeans then brought slaves over from Africa, who are the distant ancestors of our current African-American culture. Europeans then separated themselves based on faith or by rise in Communism. The newest type of movement to America comes from Latin America as they come looking for safety and economic opportunities. With all of the cultures creating a very diverse nation, we saw what discrimination against other individuals in the past caused. However, discrimination is not just in the past it can been seen in the present every day.
Statistics and facts from studies show unfair treatment to certain races.
• African Americans…

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