Discrimination In The Classroom

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I am an international student and have studied in the states for more than three years. I found that America is a diversity place where are having different kinds of people. I have experienced in race, gender and ability discrimination in college, so I have particular show solicitude for these kinds of situation in the classroom. I hope my opinion can raise the consciousness of a new instructor at Cal about things he/she should be aware of when coming into a classroom.
In my opinion, I think the instructor needs to raise the consciousness to be aware of a few important variables of intersectionality, which is a study of overlapping social identities and to examine how individuals face and interact in various categories of social identities
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Students who are qualified in these conditions would feel uneasy and hard to express their feelings and wouldn’t participate in the discussion actively. Moreover, the instructor should better to allocate students in a random way instead of having a designated instruction by calling their names when separating students into different small groups to have discussion. I think integration is the best way to help everyone to assimilate into the class, which can boost students’ academic progress efficiently. Besides, the instructor should not judge the students base on their appearances and nationalities. This is unfair to the students and probably would hurt their self-esteem and have negative influence on their academic aspect. The instructor should have the same attitude to every student, such as giving a standard grading policy to students and not to bias on particular person that usually in a way considered being unfair. The instructor can judge …show more content…
In other words, no one could avoid stereotype threat. Everyone would have a social identity or a few social identities that could be defined as group members in categories, such as age, gender, religion, ethnicity, and values. Stereotype threat is a standard predicament of life, which often based on misconceptions, incomplete information or false generalizations. Every identity could create stereotype that would automatically set up a frame and limit your behaviors. For example, the outstanding students are always regarded as having high academic result but in poor ability, and this way of concept would increase students’ invisible pressure and slander their

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