Discrimination And Discrimination At The 1964 Civil Rights Act

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Discrimination occurs in many social environments in the world such as restaurants, public transportation, and especially work environments. The most frequent occurrences of discrimination is at the workplace between races and gender. Workplace discrimination is when a certain group of people are treated differently in a negative perspective and it is usually labeled through race and gender. Women tend to be discriminated through lack of promotions or raises in the corporate ladder. African Americans are discriminated through

The 1964 Civil Rights Act eliminated the practices of unfair employment practices in the American workplace, but there are still many subtle discrimination practices still being used in modern times. The main reason for the 1964 Civil Rights Act was for the African American population in America. Stereotypes and negative views of African American limit hiring, promotions, and other aspects of employment. (http://www.workplacefairness.org/sc/discrimination.php) In a research, study shows that about thirty percent of African American workers have experienced discrimination and unfair treatment in their work. More than twenty-five percent actually report the unfair treatment to their employers, but three-fourths of the reports says that the offender was not held accountable to the incidents. The source of discrimination comes more from the supervisor or senior management of the African American worker.

Many African American believes that when in the…

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