Essay about Discrimination Against The Jewish Religion

1105 Words May 13th, 2016 5 Pages
Discrimination against the Jewish religion has a major impact around the world. The Jewish religion is very important because in the world today, religion takes up a big part. Just because of people’s religion choice they could get discriminated, beat to death, or even people will hate their religion as a whole and all of the people that stand for that said religion. Since people have the right to state their opinions everyone should care about everyone’s religion they choose. Opinions can hurt people’s feelings, but people don 't have to fight each other over them. People don 't have to join other religions, but they can learn about those religions. They might even find some similarities with their own religion. People need to be united and care about everyone, don’t hate anyone just because of their religion, and if that 's how people are picking their friends these days then that 's messed up. says Winston Churchill, the prime minister of Great Britain, once said “Some people like the Jews, and some do not.” Churchill is right, people around the world either like the Jews or they don’t. Jews are very important and most people have stereotypes or myths about them. People have created stereotypes and myths about the Jews. states “Jews are disloyal to their country, and trying to secretly undermine and control the world.” This is a big stereotype, why would Jews want to control the world? Jews don 't get enough credit for actually being…

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