Discretion And Integrity Of A Police Officer Essay

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Discretion is the power or right to decide or act according to one 's own judgment. Too much of a poor use of discretion on a police officer’s part is detrimental to productivity and stability within the officer as an individual and as a whole for the profession. This, in turn can breed corruption in an organization through evoking prejudices in the community surrounding the officer’s decisions involving discretion, and the agency’s effectiveness in administering reconstructive change. This can be the life or death of an agency’s success. Corruption is dishonesty or deliberate neglect of duty for personal gain by a government official or a private entity official such as those that are directly linked to administration of police agencies and law enforcement divisions. Corruption broadly includes fraud, bribery, or deliberate misreporting. In any case of corruption, violation of a sworn duty to uphold the public interest or violation of a contractual duty to uphold the lawful interests of the entity or its owners is prevalent and what can kill the structure. In either circumstance, corruption involves an agent 's violation of some duty toward a principal in exchange for private benefits (commonly but not necessarily money). Corruption is typically illegal misconduct. Such dishonesty or neglect of duty is in any case immoral and socially illegitimate, since it involves an indefensible breach of oath or contract. Citizens rightfully expect honest, trustworthy, and loyal…

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