Essay about Discovery And Organization Of The Periodic Table

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Discovery and Organization of the Periodic Table

In order to understand the periodic table, a basic knowledge in the terminology would be very helpful. A periodic table a chart organizing elements by atomic numbers and chemical properties into groups and periods. The periodic table was created in order to easily find and classify the different elements that are known. Elements are pure substances composed of just one type of atom that cannot be broken down into anything simpler by ordinary chemical means. Some examples are Oxygen, Carbon, Gold, and Silver. [Source A] An atomic number is the number of protons or electrons in an atom, the number that appears over the element symbol. The Periodic Table is a tool used by many to solve different problems quicker because all the information was present in one place. The information about different elements could also be compared with each other easier. The Periodic Table has changed the world forever because of the advancements and knowledge that scientists were able to gain while using this tool. For a tool like this to be created, it took many years, many different people, and patience in order to make and come up with a system to organize all the elements and all the information in an order that is easily recognizable to the general public.[Source A] This would be accomplished by many different people that were determined to come up with the periodic table to help future generations around the world. Thanks to the work of…

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