Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark Essay

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In the gospel of Mark the author not only recounts the actions of Jesus, but also how he relates to two particular groups, his followers and his adversaries. In this paper we will look at how he chose his disciples, what qualities were required for discipleship, how he taught the disciples, and how they measured up to his expectations.
Jesus literally calls his disciples to come and follow him. The summary statement is that Jesus "called to him those he wanted, and they came to him." (3:13) Simon, Andrew, James, John, were working as fishermen when Jesus called them. Simon and Andrew left "at once" (1:18) and James and John left "immediately" (1:20) But coming to Jesus also involved leaving other places and things. The four
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In chapter 6 when the disciples were reporting back to Jesus on their short term mission trips, there were so many people that they couldn't even eat. So Jesus says, "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." (6:31) But the solitary place (32) is invaded by the crowds in 34, 36, and 37. Jesus has compassion on them and meets their needs before finally putting the disciples on a boat and his getting time alone to pray (6:46).
In chapter 8 after the crowd of four thousand has been fed and he is with just the disciples in the boat he finds that they still do not understand. When he tries to explain about his upcoming death, Peter takes him aside to rebuke him. But here Jesus does not answer Peter in private, but instead speaks to the whole crowd and tells them if anyone would follow him, he must deny himself. Only the inner circle of Peter, James, and John are witnesses to the transfiguration of Jesus. When they return to the other disciples, they find a crowd that they could not drive the evil spirit out of a boy. And once again, in private his disciples ask Jesus for an explanation. (9:28) Indeed in 9:30 - 31 Jesus did not want anyone to know where they were because he was teaching his disciples. It could only be done away from the crowds. Chapter 10 bookends with crowds, as Jesus taught them and healed blind Bartimeus. In chapter 11 it is the crowds

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