Disadvantages Of The Tie-Line Starfighter

The TIE/line Starfighter, commonly referred to as the TIE Fighter, was a short range standard Imperial Starfighter. It was manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems for the Galactic Republic and was based off the T.I.E starfighter and the V-wing starfighter models. They are very cheap to produce and easy to replace, enforcing the philosophy of quantity over quality. The Imperials use so many throughout the Galactic Civil War that they came to be symbols of the Empires might striking fear in those who see them.
Capabilities of the TIE Fighters include L-s1 laser cannons with optional missile tubes. Its engine was precisely manufactured with no moving parts making it low maintenance. Each TIE Fighter pilot was equipped with a fully sealed flight suit superior to their rebel enemies. For added weight reduction, the fighters are designed with no landing gear but instead structurally capable of sitting on its wings. The cockpit incorporates a crash webbing, a repulsorlift antigravity field, and a high-g shock seat to help protect the pilot during crashes. TIE fighters
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If the energizer is moved out of alignment then the recharge systems become time bombs making the twin ion engines easy to be sabotage. The front and rear cross section of the fighter were designed to be small and hard to hit but was an easy target for flanking fighters. The oddly shaped wings also hampered its abilities to maneuver in the atmosphere. The lack of hyperdrives make the TIE Fighter extremely short ranged and dependent upon carrier ships to deploy in enemy systems. Because of the special equipment required, it was very difficult for them to disembark without a carrier ship to land on. Due to the nature of space warfare, many pilots would go down with the craft rather than ejecting and dying slowly in space by loss of body heat or lack of

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