Fast Food Restaurants And Cardiovascular Disease

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Fast food restaurants are common trend and fashion in peoples’ lifestyle. Most of the fast food chains such as McDonald’s and KFC are perfect in the business and in the fast food industry. Colorful decorations, icons, and advertising tips give people attraction to the business. The new generation of the fast food restaurants is trying to provide healthier choices for customers, but most of people still believe that fast food is unhealthy. Many fast food restaurants are introducing healthier way choice customers. Their menu, now include various kinds of salads, grilled chicken sandwiches in addition to their traditional option. The other thing is fast food restaurants are more concerned about the quality of the food. They include every single …show more content…
According to the News Channel, it reveals that “this increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases (pros and cons). To prove this statement, in the fast food restaurants are most popular for burgers and fries. Basically, burgers include more calories are saturated fats than whole grains. These ingredients add cholesterol cause heart diseas. For example, my uncle was working for the government and he was always busy with his work. So, he used to eat breakfast and lunch at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC. While he was continuing this habit, at the age 37, he got a heart attack. Everyone thought he was going to die. fortunately, doctors were able to save his life. The doctors discovered there were two valves which got shrieked because of the cholesterol and his blood circulation was not optimum. The main reason they figured out was addiction to fast food. Finally they instruct not to eat the fast food if he wants to live. In this example, it is clear that eating fast food can create people serious troubles and sometime can be lethal as …show more content…
Eating high- calorie food like greasy burgers can create to become obesity. Referring to Health News Channel article, It states that “the result is that the extra calories transform in fat and lead to obesity” (Pros and Cons). I had this experience when I was in senior year in the high school. In that period, I used to eat fast food because of busy schedule of school. Therefore, I often went three, four times a day to McDonald’s. The main reason I got addicted to fast food was because I had to spend almost 12 hours at the school and this was unable to prepare meals. Within three months, I got obese and was gaining 9kgs. My parents were concerning of my food choices. They warned on not going to McDonald’s and persuade me to eat at home. I started to eat food which was cooked by my mom. I ate it when I at intervals in between the class. So, I stopped eating fast food at all. Eventually at the end of the school year, I lost 9kgs and became fit and was into shape. It took me one and half years to get back into shape. So it proves that eating fast food make obese within a short period such as three months, however it always takes long time and effort to get back in shape and become

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