Disadvantages Of Covered Boat Storage

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Unique article title: Advantages of Covered Boat Storage for Your Prized Possession

Article summary in 140 - 160 characters: Advantages of covered versus uncovered boat storage in Tacoma, Washington. Overall, covered boat storage has many advantages over uncovered storage.

Article summary in 50 - 75 words: There are many advantages to covering your boat for the winter in Tacoma, Washington. The area gets incredibly cold in the winter, so keeping the boat indoors will protect it from the elements, which can have a serious impact on the exterior of the boat itself. The only advantage of uncovered storage is no real advantage at all.


When you're ready to pull your boat out of the water for winter and head to indoor attractions like
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You won't have that problem indoors. Before storing the boat for winter, it's best to ensure that you've protected the hull from the elements, so when you pull it out of storage in the summer, you'll be ready for the boating season.

Extends the Life of the Boat's Exterior
There's more to the exterior to worry about than the paint or fiberglass. There are drains and valves as well as connections to worry about on the exterior. When they're left out in the snow and freezing temperatures, they can crack or break under the extreme cold.

Prevents Chalking
Oxidation is a natural occurrence due to sun and weather conditions while the boat is on the water. The elements break down the gelcoat's surface, which makes it look chalky and can pitted. Before placing the boat into storage, it's a good time to hit the outside of your fiberglass boat with an oxidation remover.

Advantages of Uncovered Storage
The one advantage of uncovered storage is that it can be slightly cheaper than covered or indoor storage. Discount self-storage can be had at some storage companies, and it'll keep your boat out of the elements, which is worth the extra cost.

There are more advantages of keeping your boat in covered storage over the cold winter months. It'll protect the exterior while giving you less work before

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